A Balanced Approach

It’s easy to say we support a balanced plan for managing the O&C lands, but defining that balance is the important and hard work that must happen now.  

Right now Oregon communities that once relied on ancient forests for their economic stability are suffering.  Many O&C county budgets have plummeted and this has led to real-life hardships for many of our friends, neighbors, and fellow Oregonians.   

These communities were built by timber harvest.  It has provided jobs and built the infrastructure to support some of the greatest small towns in Oregon.  We must develop a path forward that will support and maintain these communities.

At the same time, old style clear-cutting without the protections that are critical for clean water, wildlife and irreplaceable ancient forests simply will not work. 

There is a better way. Sustainable harvest practices and much needed forest restoration projects can provide good jobs while increasing the resiliency of our forests and enhancing and protecting wildlife habitat.

A responsible balance cannot be achieved by simply picking a number of acres for timber harvest and another for conservation. Some parts of the O&C lands are appropriate for harvest; in others, harvesting could do permanent damage to irreplaceable resources. Clean water isn’t a luxury, it is a right and we need to protect the clean drinking water resources on these lands.  Wild salmon and the other wildlife that call these lands home are a part of the legacy that we must pass on to our children and grandchildren. 

Vibrant, more resilient rural economies. Healthy communities and families. Clean drinking water for all. Ancient forests, abundant wildlife and responsible timber harvest. Finding the balance for all of these values is our challenge – and our opportunity.



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Protecting the O&C Lands