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The Coalition for Our O&C Lands founding members include:

  • American Rivers
  • Chef Kim Reid
  • Dean Finnerty Guides and Outfitters
  • ECHO River Trips
  • Ed Hepp Design
  • Fish the Swing Guide Service
  • Northwest Sportsfishing Industry Association
  • Oregon Tree Care
  • Pacific Rivers Council
  • Rebright Industries
  • The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Trillium Pacific Millwork
  • Wild Salmon Center
  • Northwest Steelheaders Association

Western Oregon is home to some of the most remarkable natural landscapes and some of the most biologically diverse lands in the United States.  Forests that have stood since before our forefathers settled Jamestown; wild salmon that have nourished our rivers, bears, and communities; and clean drinking water for millions of Oregonians, define this region.  

Much of this territory falls under a special class known as O&C lands. In 1866, Congress established a land-grant program for the Oregon & California (O&C) Railroad Co. to spur the completion of the rail line between Portland and San Francisco. Forty years later, when the company failed to meet the terms of the agreement fully, the federal government reclaimed more than 2 million acres of mostly forested land. Today, many of the O&C lands, which are administered by the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service, retain much of their undeveloped character.

Today, Congressional and Administrative representatives are deciding the fate of these lands.  Some have supported an increase in timber harvest of almost 700%.  The Coalition for Our O&C Lands – a partnership of businesses, hunters, anglers and conservation groups – has come together to represent a balanced and responsible plan for managing these forests; A plan that will ensure the protection of our clean drinking water, ancient forests, and wild salmon for our children and our grandchildren while at the same time providing timber jobs, allowing hunting, fishing  and many other forms of outdoor recreation, and attracting new companies/employers for our rural communities.  Independent economic consultants, Headwaters Economics, published a groundbreaking report in November 2012 (West is Best: Protected Lands Promote Jobs and Higher Incomes- How Public Lands in the West Create a Competitive Economic Advantage) that explores the changing drivers of economic development in these rural communities and highlights some new opportunities to ensure that rural communities can be economically healthy. 

Congress has a unique opportunity to preserve these valuable resources and support long-term economic stability for local communities.  

We hope you’ll join us in working to protect and sustainably manage these remarkable lands and rivers and the communities that depend upon them.  

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